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Claire Middleton - the orgasmic life coach

About Claire.

Over the last five years I have had mentors, business consultants, life and relationship coaches. Now I get to work from home offering education, coaching and consulting around sexuality and personal development, primarily to women desiring to heal themselves and their intimate lives. All this while creating my schedule to include spaciousness for ease and joy. I’ll show you how to connect with your purpose and your body in order to build a passionate dialogue between them

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My services are
for you if

  • You are someone who desires a deeper connection with their purpose, their bodies and/or their intimate relationships
  • You have feelings of brokenness, anger and frustration, overwhelm, panic, anxiety, or depression
  • You experience or have experienced dysphoria, body dysmorphia
  • You have experienced or are experiencing a codependent relationship
  • You are prone to people-pleasing
  • You have experienced any form of trauma
  • You are experiencing physical pain during self pleasure or partnered sex.

I am experienced in partnering with fellow sexual trauma survivors and fellow neuro divergent people.I have experience in partnering with fat bodied and disabled bodied people.

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Benefits from working with me are:

  • You’ll use bodily wisdom to make decisions about how you want to live and be from places of joy and wholeness
  • You will be able to vocalize your needs and desires confidently
  • Your sex and intimate life will be off the charts amazing
  • Old friendships, jobs and partnerships that no longer serve you will fade away
  • You’ll have the courage to shift careers or have made the jump
  • You will be taking soulful action in areas of your life you never thought would occur pleasure or partnered sex.
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What To Expect When You Work With Me

  • To be held in a container of love while you explore your truths
  • To let the parts of you that need to die in order for you to be reborn, do so
  • To witness me in my messy, imperfect authenticity doing life and still showing up to guide you with compassion

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My Services
Aren’t For You If

  • You have your ideal life
  • You are in your ideal partnership
  • You have a rich relationship with your body and purpose
  • You are looking for instant gratification or escort services

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